Are you up at night, while thoughts run through your head preventing you from sleeping?  Do you worry about what could go wrong in the future?  Maybe you have a feeling of unease you just can’t put your finger on.  Maybe you feel like you can’t take a full breath and your stomach feels tight, or churning.

I had all of these feelings of anxiety plus panic attacks in the past when I was stuck in survival mode.  You can’t heal when you’re in survival mode.  Whether you’re trying to overcome a craving or ease anxiety, activating your rest and digest response is the key to achieving a state of calm.

Our rest and digest response is the body’s state of relaxing, resting, and feeding.  This response from the parasympathetic nervous system lowers respiration and heart rate and increases digestion.

Physical and emotional healing are equally important for getting out of survival mode and into calm.  Sometimes past traumatic events affect us on a deep level we are not even aware of.  We attract negative situations or people unconsciously, because we are trying to heal past hurts.  Root Cause Therapy is a fast track to emotional healing.

Root Cause Therapy is a trauma healing therapy that helps you heal these past events by releasing negative patterns in the deeper layers of the mind.  It originated in Australia and has successfully helped thousands of people release the unwanted thoughts and patterns that are weighing them down, freeing them to feel peaceful and calm.  

For me, talk therapy did not help much on a deeper level.  After working with two different talk therapists, I searched for something more to help me heal from feeling on edge, haunted by the past.  

I could actually feel the sensation of layers of emotional pain leaving my body after doing Root Cause Therapy.  I did the healing, and the Root Cause Therapist guided me in a safe way.  I built a snowman after my session, and felt a new sensation I had not felt in a long time: pure joy.

Our mind and body are much more connected than people think.  Our immune system listens to and responses to our thoughts and emotions.  study

Essential oils are a healing tool for naturally triggering the parasympathetic rest and digest response to get out of survival mode and into calm.  Inhaled essential oils go right to the prefrontal cortex of your brain and immediately helps calm the fight or flight survival mode response.

Research shows that lavender essential oil reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure.  study Lavender is a short shrub that originated in the Mediterranean and was used by the Romans and Egyptians for relaxation.  When my dad discovered that lavender helped him relax, he started putting a drop of it on everything.

Lavender essential oil can be used directly on your skin, added to a bath, or diffused in a diffuser.  

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Sara Lopez is a Holistic Therapist and Reiki Healer from Vermont, U.S.  She is the founder of Empath Magic.  The mission of Empath Magic is to inspire and motivate empaths to create focused transformation.