Bliss can be that feeling of contentment or joy we make ourselves, that we feel not by eating or taking something that hurts us in the long run, but by feeling good in our body 🦋 so our heart and soul can soar.

Targeted nutrition is essential to feeling good in our body especially if we want to reduce cravings. 🌟  It’s easy to feel like we need to change something about ourselves when we think of diet and nutrition.  It’s not about feeling bad about ourselves.  There is nothing wrong with you.  

It’s about listening to your body.  As we release lower vibration emotions, we will tend to gravitate towards foods that match a higher vibration.  Here are some targeted nutrition hacks for healing and recovery.  

  1. Foods 🍋

According to NY Times bestselling author Anthony William, “When glucose levels in our body and brain are depleted, we open the door to a multitude of addictions.”  He explains that when we can’t get glucose, our adrenals begin pumping adrenaline into the body so we can function and make it through the day.

Organic fruits and vegetables eaten every 1-2 hours are the BEST way to get glucose to our brain 🧠.  Some top foods are celery, dates, 🍏 apples, bananas, and green leafy vegetables.  

One question to ask yourself when you reach for a food that you are trying to avoid is, “What feeling am I looking for by eating this?”  Sometimes it’s comfort or happiness that we’re really looking for.

About 80% of adults are deficient in vitamin D.  Low vitamin D levels are linked to anxiety, depression, and mood problems and alcohol issues cause deficiency in this vitamin.  Getting sunlight on your body, even for 5 minutes a day, is key to raising vitamin D.  Mushrooms and wild salmon are two key healing foods rich in natural vitamin D.  If you take vitamin D, make sure it also contains K2 for absorption.  

  1. Supplements 

Each person is unique and supplements should be personalized.  Two supplements that are vital for all are natural vitamin C and magnesium.  Research shows, “50% of Americans consume less than the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for magnesium.”  

Magnesium deficiency is linked to anxiety and poor sleep.  Magnesium cream or epsom salt baths are two ways levels can raise through skin absorption.  

Did you know regular vitamin C is made with synthetic ascorbic acid made from GMO 🌽 corn?  Natural vitamin C restores our adrenal glands and replenishes vitamin C that alcohol or drugs have leached from the body.  I like @vimergy Micro-C because it is organic, not made from ascorbic acid, and has no fillers.

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Sara Lopez is a Holistic Therapist and Reiki Healer from Vermont, U.S., who helps people get to the root cause of anxiety or addiction and step into the flow of healing.

Nutrition is one piece of a holistic protocol for addiction recovery.  It’s important to work with a medical professional, and to add in many different pieces which could include medication, support groups, rehab, exercise, etc.

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