About Flow Path

Hi, I’m Sara, and I am SO glad you are here! 👋🏽

As sensitive people, we can tend to over give because we want to help everyone.  Often when we become too focused on caring for others, we find our energetic boundaries are tested and we react emotionally instead of feeling strong despite what life throws at us.

While this can be uncomfortable, having an emotional reaction can be a wake up call that we need to find balance, clear our energy, and recharge so that we return to our strong presence and clear energetic line.  

Growing up, it was written on my report card that I daydreamed too much and needed to pay attention more in class. My family told me I was too sensitive and needed to toughen up. “It’s not a big deal. Get over it.” was the message society gave me about how I had to be to succeed. At some point I decided to use this extra sensitivity and even celebrate it.

After dealing with severe anxiety for years, I finally embraced and learned to navigate my extra sensitivity.  I found safe spaces to go deep and let go of past trauma through reiki, the Emotion Code, and root cause therapy. l, also, surrounded myself with people who were on the healing path.  It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I could finally be free to be the real me. 

My journey led me to teaching in the public schools for 14 years and then to doing an intensive apprenticeship with women’s health experts based in New York City. I found my passion: guiding others to achieve their best health.  

After doing health coaching and consultation, I realized there was something missing: the emotional and spiritual piece.  Emotional healing is AS important if not more important than physical healing. 

The mind-body connection is often overlooked by modern medicine.  I chose to jump into learning exactly how to guide my clients to heal emotionally as well as physically.

How can I serve you?

I guide sensitive people to create focused transformation by releasing the exact blocks holding them back.

During every session we use a scale to monitor shifts in your emotional, physical, and spiritual health and retest for trapped emotions and limiting beliefs so shifts are measurable and clear to you.  This results-based approach will give you space to step into a new flow of confidence and joy.  

During the sessions you will be in a deeply relaxed and safe space so healing can flow in.  Typical sessions leave you feeling lighter, relaxed, inspired, and more clear.  

I’m Obsessed With…

Epsom salt baths, flower essences, and Mexican design.

Tools 🧰 I Can’t Live Without…

A Design Kit app, the 21 Days of Healing Book by the Uncensored Empath, reiki ASMR videos on youtube.

On the weekends you can find me...

Playing with my chihuahua puppy Jet, walking barefoot, or making guacamole.

My Qualifications

 + Hormone Specialist Certification with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition

+ One year apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim and other women’s health experts in New York City

+ Masters in Education from UMass. Boston

+ Root Cause Therapy Certification Level 1 and 2

+ Reiki Practitioner Certification Level 1 and 2

+ Reiki Master Training complete August 2021

Client love notes

“Working with Sara was an amazing experience! She listened to my story and was able to help me find answers to questions that have been bothering me.

I’ve had several questions about my ovaries ever since a doctor made a comment in passing about PCOS and Sara was able to put my fears at ease.

She was also able to address some issues I’ve been having with my liver and gave me options for clearing out toxins.

Sara leaves you feeling uplifted and comforted while giving you actions that are understandable and easy to implement.” 

Nicole Hegstad, Minnesota, U.S.A

“Sara worked with my teenage daughter because she was having some personal issues. This was becoming stressful and frustrating for both of us. I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous as to how the conversation would go between them since teenagers are so fickle with personal matters. Sara has a calm and kind personality. She absolutely connected with my daughter. She is relatable and actually has many personal stories to add to the conversation. She gave us great advice moving forward not only to help with health but also on how to take care of one’s self as a woman. She gave us dietary suggestions, ways to help relax, and the realization and validation that being female isn’t easy and we have to be kind to ourselves and she is here to listen and help along the way.”

Maggie Hazard, Burlington, VT, U.S.A

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