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Imagine barely remembering what it was like to struggle like you are back to being the real you and can manifest anything you desire and dream of.

This is how clients feel after they finish one of our programs.

The journey of healing from anxiety or addiction can feel overwhelming at times, and we are here to help you let go of what you don’t want so your nervous system relaxes at a deep level and you have less pain.

Welcome, I’m Sara

One night our car ended up on my next-door neighbor’s lawn.  I’ll spare you the details of how it got there.  ;).  For the next many months I did everything possible to avoid seeing this neighbor.  Let’s just say that from then on my neighbor wouldn’t wave for a year.  Now that my life has been stable she will wave with a begrudging smile.  

The shame and fear we experience from the stigma of addiction issues or anxiety is huge.  It’s not fair that people judge so harshly.  

I’m a holistic therapist and reiki healer with a focus on anxiety and addiction recovery support strategies.  As the creator of the Addiction Recovery Support and the Anxiety Freedom programs, I help people dealing with anxiety or addiction get free from physical and emotional pain and feel better.  

I believe there’s a better way to heal than covering up the symptoms. 

Success Rates

The creators of Root Cause Therapy and my friends at the Centre for Healing share the success rate for Root Cause Therapy:  “The success rate in terms of reduction of anxiety range between 80% – 90% success rate. Conditions such as mood disorders and PTSD show a high success rate in recovering from even long-term diagnoses.  Our success rate varies from 60% – 80 % for addiction recovery.”  Root Cause Therapy does not “cure” addiction.  It allows you to feel good in your body and more peaceful in your mind so that it will be less likely you’ll need to use.  


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